T. Renee birth the gospel comedy musical stage play to bring relief and awareness to a common plight in the life of the modern-day woman-domestic violence, sexual harassment, mental illness and all of its attributes that happened to "Me Too" and starts within “TEEN” Dating

The play is an off-spring of the Author T. Renee book, Conquering the Man- Monster Now and through Kindle download earned #1 US, #1 France, #2 in two other categories and #5 Japan Best Seller List on Amazon Best Seller International and National platform!

T. Renee Garner has been heard on podcast, radio, television and print media.


As Seen on The Anita Live Show

Episode 46: How to Identify the Man Monster

What inspired you to share your story?

After the ordeal that I went to GOD told me that I need to share my story. I learned that in sharing my story I not only began to heal, but I was also helping others to heal from mentally or physically abusive relationships.

What do you want ithers to take away from your story?

That they are not crazy, they are not the only one that us experiencing or has experience this.  They are not alone, and that there is is a rainbow on the other side.  

How do they began this journey to heal.  They too have to learn to trust someone and share there story, dont hide behind the emotional and physical scars.  There is healing in sharing, but you also have to get that spiritual foundation, educate yourself, focus on your dreams and goals and fight for it.. Fight to survive, fight to make the tough decisions, fight to live, fight to win. Then help someone else to get through.