Recognizing not all people learn and related the same way which make seeing, hearing and touching an important art and form of success. Through the MAN Monster stage play one will see the message and visually process by not only seeing the stage play but actively hearing the words along with songs written specifically for the MAN Monster stage play production.

T. Renee birth the gospel comedy musical stage play to end domestic violence, a common plight in the life of the modern-day woman-domestic violence, sexual harassment, mental illness, teen dating and all of its attributes that happened to "Me Too".  

The play is an off-spring of the Author T. Renee book, Conquering the Man- Monster Now and through Kindle download earned #1 US, #1 France, #2 in two other categories and #5 Japan Best Seller List on Amazon Best Seller International and National platform!

REVIEWS ARE GREAT! See the trailer