Hit Gospel Comedy Musical Stage Play
The Man Monster

Full of laughter, twists and drama, The Man Monster Gospel Comedy Musical Stage Play brings awareness to domestic violence, teen dating and sexual harassment. It brings forth a powerful message to inspire and encourage all.

Ciara is disappointed to learn from her mother that her father is a man monster.  “Listen Ciara, I know you love your father and he can do no wrong, but your father….He is a monster!  He beats me.”

Lance is laying down the law to Renee. “Woman when will you learn? If you come in this house after 9:00 pM, on the couch is where you’ll be sleeping.  Now get yourself together and clean up this dirty house.”

Meet T. Renee Garner!  She is the mastermind behind the Man Monster Gospel Comedy Musical Stage Play.  Inspired by her true life events, T. Renee takes us on a journey into her world.  T. Renee overcame years of domestic violence abuse, survived a coma and is a single mom with two beautiful children.  She tells her story in a transparent way to help bring awareness to domestic violence, teen dating issues and sexual harassment in an effort to help heal the world and to end this vicious cycle one stage play production at a time. T. Renee is also the Founder of T. Renee Garner productions, whose mission is to provide healing with a message to inspire and enlighten people to move into their purpose; and Inspiring Generations, a non Profit Organization focused on reaching the next generation.

T. Renee Is An Amazing Mother, Activist, Realtor, Author And Playwright.


T. Renee Garner Production (TRGP) is a Company whose mission is to educate and Inspire!

Through a joint partnership, T. Renee Garner Production has joined forces with A. London Publishing to teach individuals who have always wanted to author a book on the process of doing so. 

The Book that Started it All

Conquer the Man Monster Now is the book that started it all.  T. Renee Garner uses the story of her life to help to inspire all.  In this book, you will learn learn how she goes from survivor to thriver as she finds her purpose and helps others.  She shares the warning signs of the man monster and teaches readers how to recognize him.  

Learn what can happen when your purpose is delayed, and you find yourself feeling lost and stuck after believing in a marriage or relationship that leaves you broken and abused.  In Conquer the Man Monster Now, T. Renee shares how you can be truly free by addressing your inner man monster as well, along with your own level of acceptance.

You will also learn the underlying reasons as to why you would deal with someone with abusive patterns and start understanding that love does not hurt.  In this book, you’ll discover three reasons why you would stay in B.E.D. with abuse and ways to break free and thrive once again to become the woman God predestined you to be.



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