T. Renee is the mastermind business woman who coined the phrase “The Man Monster”, which is a thought provoking pictorial description of couples, and marriage relationships that are cruel, hurtful, physical, verbal, psychologically unhealthy, sexual, and financial abusive. As a domestic violence and a coma survivor, T. Renee is now leading women on how to not just survivor the abuse, but also how to thrive in life and move forward through performing arts as the creation of The Man-Monster Musical Gospel Comedy Stage Play will enlighten and inspire everyone.  

–“I believe my life was saved! I woke up with a second chance to live life and make memorable moments.” T. Renee is now serving through speaking with a word inspired by God, Conquer “the Man -Monster” Now!  

A savvy business woman with over 20 years of Business and Information Technology experience, T. Renee is a Mompreneur single with two beautiful children.

T. Renee believes as you enjoy the musical comedy gospel play, the Man Monster you will be inspired! 

“Finding you purpose and LIVING out your dream(s) is what you were born to do. It is your God given Birthright!” 

T. Renee Garner  

Gospel Comedy Play

Have you ever experienced a time when the man of your dreams turned into a monster? #themanmonster, Unveils what lies beneath the mask of "perfect" relationships of some of the most successful men and women. It depicts patterns of unhealthy behavior beganning at an early age. While revealing encounters of sexual harrasment, physical and psychological cruelty, with a twist of lies and deceit. All served up with a dose of faith and comedy to make it palatable.


Inspiring to see talented actors and actress and singers bring a message for this season. The Man-Monster Play is an on time message. 


NEVER! The Man-Monster play will help to identify the root cause for abusive treatment and give insight on possible steps to take when your man turns into a monster. YOU WILL Cry, Laugh, and even talk back to the cast as you join into the story line and draw strength.


The play will make you aware of sexual harassment within the work force. Our goal is to help You recognize signs and how to handle as you view the Man Monster Musical Stage Play!

Why Is the Man-Monster Play So Important? 

 The Man Monster Stage Play provides a glimpse to see domestic violence through laughter and humor of possible examples and provides strength to all!

T. Renee birth the gospel comedy musical stage play to bring relief and awareness to a common plight in the life of the modern-day woman-domestic violence, sexual harrassment, mental illness and all of its attributese that happened to "Me Too".  

The play is an off-spring of the Author T. Renee book, Conquering the Man-Monster Now and through Kindle download earned #1 US, #1 France, #2 in two other categories and #5 Japan Best Seller List on Amazon Best Seller International and National platform!

The Man-Monster Gospel Musical Stage Play is a Community Based Play. The Cast members saw the vision and ministry of T. Renee and was excited to become a part of the Man-Monster Gospel Play and spread the word about what both domestic violence and mental illness can look like within relationships and the response of possible choices a person can make for various viable reasons. All of the Artists in the Play are are local professional and joined to support and make the play message a success. 


Join us for the Man-Monster gospel comedy Stage play and learn the secrets no one is telling... 

  • Me Too!  
  • Identify the traits 
  • Teen Dating
  • Learning what your love language is  
  • Importance of Healing 
  • How and Why To Heal
  • Song and Dance
  • Comedy and Laughter
  • More… 


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